Puppies born April 11, 2018 - Sold out


Wingshot's Krush N Run MH

Krush's pedigree

Sire: Wingshot's Krush N Run MH "Krush"

PUPPY Pedigree

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Bold Bay's Ramblin Gamblin Gal SH

Bailey's Pedigree

Dam: Bold Bay's Ramblin Gamblin Gal SH "Bailey"


      Wingshot's Krush N Run MH X  Bold Bay's Rambil Gamblin Gal SH 
Puppies Born April 11, 2018
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Contact us about this litter: Christian@BoldBayRetrievers.com
#1 J. Hall, DE (Black)
#2 J. Blocanso, PA (Black) 
 K. Crisanti, CA(Yellow) 

# 1
# 2 

D. Boone, DE
R. Asbury, MD 





Sold - Out  (Born January 5, 2018)

Next litter -expected Spring/Summer 2018 


Double K's Low Country Mojo MH

Moe's pedigree

Sire: Double K's Low Country Mojo MH "Moe"
Moe is one of the hardest running retrievers you will find! He will give you 100% all of the time. This 65lbs, mid-sized retriever has a BIG ENGINE, with two speeds... FAST & FASTER. In the house Moe is easy going and relaxed, a true gentleman. His pedigree contains some fantastic retrievers and notable Hall of Famer's. The paring of these two retrievers will produce some truly fantastic pups.

PUPPY Pedigree

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Blackfoot's Abra Cadabra MH


Magic's Pedigree

Dam: Blackfoot's Abra Cadabra MH "Magic"
Magic is a 60 pound black female. She's lightning fast, very eager to train and extremily steady on the line. Magic's natural marking ability is absolutely superb! She's attentive and enjoys multiple marks. She's a perfect lady in the hunting blind... quiet but extremily attentive, and she quickly adjusted from ducks to geese.  Magic earned her Master Hunter Title by qualifying in 5 out of 6 AKC Hunt Test events!



      Double K's Low Country Mojo MH X  Blackfoot's Abra Cadabra MH 

Contact us about this litter: Christian@BoldBayRetrievers.com
Female 1st pick:  L. Howk, NY  
Female 2nd pick: P. Ash, MD  
Female 3rd pick: A. Fitzgerald, NY 
Female 4th Pick: H. Thrasher, MD 
Female 5th pick: S. Minner, DE 
Female 6th pick: T. Rupli, MD 
Female 7th pick: J. Kane. MD 
 Male  A. Brooks, MD 


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